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Echorouk TV is a News channel of Algeria, it is operated as an Arabic satellite and cable television channel from Algiers. The channel first launched in March 2011 and it is owned by Echorouk Group. The group started its operation in Algiers in 1991 and since then it has Echorouk News and Benna TV as its main broadcasters. Echorouk TV is a supplemental news channel to Echorouk TV but also offers productions like documentaries, lifestyle magazines, game shows and other infotainment shows as well. Then there are news bulletins and morning shows among the mix as well.

Apart from the Algiers, the channel is also available for its coverage in Arabic in the Middle East and because of its supplemental French coverage the channel is also available in France and other Francophone areas. Echorouk TV is also available in HD through simulcast while it is also available as a video-on demand channel

Notable Broadcasts

  • At-Taqs, It is a weather show aired everyday in the morning.
  • Al-Menshar, A Satiric show hosted by Salim Madjahed.
  • Green Mag, A magazine-esque show that is focused on environmental issues.
  • Hiki Hikaytek, A magazine show that deals with social issues of common folks.
  • Kheyriat Bladi, A documentary show about the argonomy and food situation in the country.
  • Fa’ Is’alu Ahl az-Zikr, It means ask those who know, a show where people can get guidance from Fatwas.
  • Kuzina Sans Visa, A cooking show which takes on cuisines from all over the world.
  • Ma’ Ammu Yazid, A children show with Cheb Yazid.
  • Sabah Echorouk, Echorouk’s Morning which is a morning talk show.
  • Zidni, Means Give me More, It is a Game Show.
Owner Echorouk Group
Launch  March, 2011
Country Algeria
Language Arabic, French
Broadcast area Algiers, Middle East, France
Headquarters Kouba Algiers

DTT, Local Cable Carriers

myTV, Echorouk Channels (Video on Demand)

Sister Channels Benna TV, Ecorouk News


More info about TV , program guide and shows can be found on the Official website of TV. If you are unable to watch Online, please visit our Help and FAQ page and look for the corresponding plugin.
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