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This is broadcasting live Rohi TV 24 hours a day with Sindhi Language.ROHI TV is a hybrid channel, encompassing Entertainment, News, Documentary, infotainment, Talkshows, Music, four way interactive discussions on every issue ranging from agriculture to local bodies to health. ROHI’s dominant feature will be its news and current affairs programs. We bring news with a local perspective for over 60 million Saraiki speakers. We bind together Saraiki voices on both sides of River Indus from where it enters into the Punjab plains down to the Sindh delta. Along the way, Rohi brings forth the Pushto and Baloch shades of Saraiki in D.I.Khan and D.G Khan and blends it with its cultural richness in Multan and can watch this just wait few seconds streaming with load automatically. double click the media player to view in full screen mode.